2021 Resolutions - New Year, New Goals

Move over 2020, we are ready for something new. After this crazy year it feels like we have to set new goals just to find that sense of normalcy. This is year was full of change, so we were forced to adapt and create new goals frequently. Thank you, next 2020! We are ready for the new year.

New Goals:

Be more present- Our main goal will be to slow down and enjoy what is now. We find ourselves always looking for what's next, what's new, and consistently rushing around. In a year where we were supposed to slow down, our lives only ramped up (in a COVID safe way of course). As the year comes to an end and we take a look back, we feel so grateful for this strange year and we wish we enjoyed the moment a lot more. As we look forward, we want to set a goal to embrace the moment.

Speak and listen with intention - This year has been unlike any other. One the biggest lessons we have learned is to be more patient, speak kind words, and most importantly, understand the impact of the words you speak and how it can affect someone, intentionally or not. We also learned how important it is to use our voice to speak about what we believe in, to never stay silent about things that are important, and to encourage others to do the same. Together, let's be kind.

Use less plastic and to create less waste- Lets all move in the right direction. This is easy enough to make a change in something we use everyday. We will start small, such as using reusable water bottles and bags, to make a big change.

Find a better work/life balance - Technology has played a huge role in leading us to not be present and running an account from a phone can make this difficult. You are never "off" the clock which is something we are hoping to get better at. When it's time to shut it down, do it. This also played a role in arguments within our relationships, be more present and not so wrapped up in the screen. This year we want to encourage more social media breaks and enjoying time with family and friends without the habit of scrolling on our phones.

More blog posts - Through our busy schedules we have mainly focused on our other platforms, specifically instagram. In 2021 we are hoping to get into a flow where we will be able to create the same amount of content on all platforms. If you have any blog post ideas that you want to see in 2021, let us know!

Create/release a new type of loungewear - maybe this is a tease but we are so excited for new things coming your way soon!!

TRAVEL - if it’s possible... this is hands down one of our biggest goals. We had lots of plans for 2020 that we will hopefully be able to do in the coming year while we are still young and have the time. Once things are safe... we are ready to jet set!

Drink more water + wear sunscreen - DUH! Skin health is SO important. After this year wearing masks 24/7 our skin needs all the help it can get!

Thankful for all of you.

Happy New Year!


Sara + Julia

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