Advice to Your Young Adult Self

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Life can be tough, especially at an age where you feel you should have it all figured out. As a young adult, you are trying to navigate your future and are most likely hitting obstacles as you do so (WHICH IS NORMAL). This is a time where you are constantly keeping up with your appearance and looks, trying to navigate relationships, figuring out what could fulfill your life in work/school, and trying to know what is next; it can definitely be hard and overwhelming. With help from many special women in The 411 Community, we have compiled a list of the 411 on all things tips and tricks for people across all ages and space, even if it was something you wish you knew in your twenties. 


  • Wear Sunscreen ALL THE TIME - being tan now may look great but not so much when you get older.

  • Moisturizer daily - not just your face but everywhere. 

  • Take care of your skin. Really look into the products you are putting on your body. CLEAN INGREDIENTS ARE KEY!

  • Take care of your body & soul, drink water, move your body, and eat good food. 


  • Let go of people and things that don’t serve you.

  • You do not need to feel guilty about removing people from your life. You are meant to outgrow people and things. That doesn’t mean these people are “bad” or that they were a waste of time, it just means that you’re growing, moving on to the next version of you, and making room for more opportunities.

  • Be in a relationship because you WANT to be, not because you NEED to be. People will treat you in any way you LET them treat you, so only allow those in your circle who cherish you!

  • Learn to listen to understand and not just to respond. Be more intentional with your conversations and actions and try to be sure your intentions will match the impact. This goes for anything- work, friends, family, school, relationships, etc.

  • Love your parents with all your heart. Their choices may not be what you want to hear but remember they have already lived that portion of their lives.

  • Visit your elders.

  • Trying to be someone else for a guy/girl is humiliating and a waste of everyone’s time. There are people out there who will love you for exactly who you are and will never try to change you. Have fun and date people but WAIT FOR IT. It’s worth waiting for.

  • Feelings friggin’ change. You can’t be mad at those whose feelings for you have changed. You can’t be mad at yourself for your feelings about someone changing. We are human. It’s the way that people handle the change. Ending relationships and uncomfortable conversations are the worst but it’s more respectable than messing it up and hurting someone.


  • Learn to rest, not quit.

  • Advocate for yourself, not only in your career/goals but with relationships and your health! Doctors have a habit of downplaying women’s health concerns- always have to be your own advocate!

  • Use reflective practice. It works with everything; friendships, relationships, work, diet, and parenting. Talking OUTLOUD about stuff comes across as venting until you hear (and understand) perspective. If you can take ten minutes of your day to discuss stuff with someone who is capable of giving you a different opinion, you grow. This consists of analyzing what worked well, what needed to improve, and areas to work on to improve upon next time. You can’t grow as a person unless you want to.


  • F*cking travel! Travel before you have kids! Take that vacation... go away for that weekend ... go to that party... go visit that cousin in another country!!!  

  • There’s nothing wrong with going to community college!

  • Create a goal board with photos of your dreams and put it in a place you will see every day.

  • Apply to a few colleges that are the complete opposite of what you think you want to do. When you start looking, your idea of what you want might change.

For YOU 

  • Make yourself a priority... it’s ok to be a little selfish! Do it for you sometimes!!  

  • Don’t worry so much about what people think of you.

  • To always put yourself first.

  • Stop worrying about acting and dressing like the “popular” girls.

  • You don't have to be the best to have fun.

  • Be kind to yourself. Life can be hard. Learn from mistakes it’s the only way to grow.

  • Go with your gut even if people think you are making a mistake.

  • Be kind.

  • Try to make someone's day at least once a day.

  • Don't be afraid to try new things.

  • ‘You’ll never be as young as you are today. Appreciate the moment you are in, live in it (even the painful ones), and accept it for what it is.”



Sara + Julia 

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