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Hello beautiful friends,

We can't believe we are already in the third month of 2021! One of our goals for 2021 was to read more... all we can say is we are off to a strong start. First things first, we must admit we are into the romance books; we aren't against reading an intellectual or self-improvement book, but we are all for a page turner to help escape the real world. We have recently created an Amazon List for you to shop all the books we have read so far this year and we will continue to add to it! This is an easy place to locate what we are reading, but we also want to reiterate the importance of shopping local. Sometimes it can be easy to order online, but instead go to your local book store and support your community! Also, head over to our instagram to check out the book highlight where we leave all of our book reviews!

Here is the link to the Amazon Wish List -

Stay tuned for SPRING WEEK!!


Sara + Julia

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