Easy Slow Cooker Dessert

This crockpot masterpiece is so easy and will blow you away with how good it tastes. We all love an easy recipe and this one only contains three ingredients; it's the perfect dessert to serve while you are watching football on Sunday. The smell this dessert will leave around your kitchen will remind you of the brisk fall air with the leaves changing and all the fall flavors you can think of.


+ box of spice cake mix or yellow cake mix

+ stick of butter (can be plant-based or dairy)

+ can of your favorite fruit (we use apple pie filling, any pie filling will work)

In the slow cooker, dump the entire can of fruit, top with the whole bag of cake mix, and slice up one stick of butter into chunks and place them on top of the cake mix. Put the slow cooker on high and place the cover on top. DO NOT STIR right away, let sit. Cook for about two hours, stirring halfway through (at the 1-hour mark). Once it is done, top with ice cream or whip cream. Enjoy!


Sara + Julia

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