Flight Essentials

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Whether you are going on spring break or planning a weekend getaway, these items are exactly what you need to make your travel experience easy and less stressful. Also, this is an easy way for us to make sure we don't forget anything when packing our carry on bag. Normally we use a backpack or a big pocketbook. Here is our list of flight essentials.

  • Hand sanitizer- important to use on flights and in airport

  • Sanitizing wipes - to wipe down seats and tray tables on flights

  • A good book- critical for a long flight and can keep you occupied for hours ... here is a list of books we recommend

  • Laptop- download movies and TV series before you leave to watch in the airport

  • Chargers- somehow something always needs to be charged in the airport

  • Snacks- important to bring healthy snacks instead of eating in the airport, smart sweets and popcorn are our favorites

  • Deodorant - to freshen up

  • Sweatshirt/sweater - you never know if the flight will be cold or warm, I love to bring layers and an oversized sweatshirt is a must

  • Jet Lag Mask- the perfect mask to put on while on the plane, your skin will thank you.

  • Chapstick - the Laneige lip mask is our favorite, perfect to prevent chapped lips

  • Headphones - for music and movies to make the trip fly by, we prefer noise canceling or wireless ones

  • Socks - having your feet be cold is the worst

  • Huge water bottle - flying can make you dehydrated so make sure to chug while you're up in the air, we tend to buy them at the airport or bring an empty reusable one

  • Gum - when your ears pop it's the worst so be prepared and try and avoid it

  • Hair ties - slip hair ties are our go-to

  • Blue light glasses - if you aren't sleeping on the plane you are most likely going to be watching movies if it's a long flight, this pair from amazon is cute and cheap

  • Airport Outfit - we love a good matching comfy set... Joah Brown oversized sets are so cute, American Eagle is affordable and cozy

  • Sneakers - airports are dirty so we recommend close-toed shoes and sneakers are so comfy to walk in

We hope this makes your traveling experience enjoyable and stress-free

Safe Travels!!


Sara and Julia

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