Halloween Costume Inspo

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Time to plan for one of our favorite times of the year! We loveeee Halloween and we hope we can give you some costume inspo from our past costumes!

The Incredibles

This whole costume is from Amazon. It was so fun and comfortable to be in! We got so many compliments and who doesn't love wearing leggings to a party!

Mr. + Mrs. Smith

First things first watch this movie; it's one of my OG faves. This was another costume that was so easy and comfortable! The best part of this was while Nick and I were taking photos before we went out, a fire truck showed up and gave us the perfect lighting lol!

Baywatch Lifeguards

I am all about being comfortable on Halloween and this was perfect. Lots of self tanner to give me that summer glow and beach waves!

Race Car Drivers

This whole outfit was also from Amazon which is perfect for a last minute outfit, you can do this as a group costume also!

Snooki + JWOW

Talk about a dynamic duo, very comfortable! Once again, lots of self tanner lol! This was when the Jersey Shore Reunion was on so our whole mindset was GTL, gym tan laundry. I was in total disguise when we were out because of the wig and I was talking to Nick and one of his friends came up to him and asked him where I was because it looked like he was flirting with a random girl, but it was just me in a wig. I appreciate the love and looking out for me tho :)

Tom Brady + Gisele

RIP to TB12 Pats edition. This was freshmen year in college and it was an awesome dynamic duo that everyone knew who we were!

Army Girls

This a perfect costume to do with a group, it is very easy! It's always so fun to get ready with your group of girlfriends!

Clueless Workout Edition - this was for the B/SPOKE halloween R/DE! This whole outfit is from Amazon. Very easy to workout in and was cute!

Snow White + The Seven Dwarfs

This one is perfect when you have seven other roommates freshman year. This one is so easy, comfortable, and cheap to recreate.


Okay, so easy and comfortable is a theme here. This one is perfect to do with your roommate/best friend.

Birds and the Bees

Name a more iconic duo lol. We did this one as a joke in high school during spirit week. You could definitely spice this one up too.

Squints and Wendy

This was back in high school but this was all from Amazon too for Nick and I's costumes. Nick played baseball so we had to recreate some aspect of The Sandlot!

Any guesses for what we are going to be this year?


Sara + Julia

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