How We Fit Working Out Into Our Vacations

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Fitting working out into your vacation lifestyle can be difficult. Below are a few ways we try to fit in some time to get exercise. We've learned that when you schedule working out into your day, you tend to accomplish it rather than push it off. Make it a priority; it is a way to destress, kill jet lag, clear your mind, and it is so beneficial for your body.

  • Uber/taxi vs. walking - try and WALK EVERYWHERE. If you have the time, try and walk to dinner or the beach if it's close enough.

  • Walk/run the beach - walking along the beach can be so fun while looking for sea glass, so dedicate sometime in the morning before it gets packed to walk/run up and down the beach.

  • Try a local fitness studio - a lot of fitness studios do a first-class for free so take advantage of it!! See what local studios are rated highly in your area and give it a try.

  • Go on an adventure - rent a kayak/paddleboard and get a quick workout in that won't feel like your typical workout. Lots of hotels have bikes you can rent so go for a bike ride around the town. Hiking is also an awesome option.

  • Sami Clarke's Instagram - She is complete goals, a fit queen! She posts on her 10-minute ab workouts and her "booty burns" on her Instagram and they are quick workouts that are killer!

Sweat out that alcohol!


Sara and Julia

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