Ideal Summer Meal

We all love an easy recipe or matter of fact, a three course meal. We haven’t actually posted a recipe in awhile so we decided to feature our whole dinner. This type of meal is our favorite because it's homemade and has so many different refreshing flavors. With summer now in full swing, I know I find myself looking for the perfect summer-night meal to enjoy with my family and friends. With just a few simple, nutritious ingredients this dinner can be easily whipped up and will be a guaranteed fan favorite. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do and fuel all of your summer cravings. 

Scroll down for the recipe. 


Peach Honey Goat Cheese Salad 

  • Arugula

  • Baby spinach 

  • Honey goat cheese 

  • Red onion 

  • Peaches 

  • Salt and pepper 

On a mix of arugula and baby spinach, place on top sliced peaches and red onion, and crumple our favorite honey goat cheese. Top with olive oil, salt, pepper or a balsamic dressing. Serve chilled. 

Mediterranean Turkey Burger 

  • Ground up turkey meat 

  • Roasted red pepper bruschetta 

  • Feta cheese 

  • Baby spinach 

In a mixing bowl add red pepper bruschetta, feta cheese and stem-less baby spinach and mix well. Then add ground turkey, combine and form patties, and place on the grill until fully cooked. Serve hot.

*Tip: Serve on a toasted bun with avocado and red onion for a little extra flavor


Not-So-Guilty Strawberry Shortcake 

  • Strawberries 

  • White Sugar 

  • Confectioners' sugar 

  • Angel food cake (box) or pre-made 

  • Heavy whipping cream

Follow instructions on the box to make angel food cake or purchase pre-made at a bakery. Next, cut up strawberries and place them in a container and sprinkle them with sugar. Allow them to sit in the fridge for a few hours before you plan on serving. To make the homemade whip cream, start by placing a mixing bowl in the freezer for 30 minutes. After thirty minutes, add a cup of heavy whipping cream, a tablespoon of confectioners' sugar, a teaspoon of madagascar vanilla and whip until you get high peaks. The key to the perfect whip cream is freezing the mixing bowl. To serve, slice up angel food cake, sprinkle strawberries and a dollop of homemade whip cream on top…Enjoy!



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