Ideas For When You Are Bored At Home

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Okay, so here we are almost through week 1 of Quarantine/social distancing. Spending all day at home with limited social interaction gets pretty boring. We find we are most productive when we write down a list in the morning on what we need to accomplish, that way we stay on track throughout the day. We complied a list of things to do when you need a break from working from home or you have run out of ideas to keep yourself busy. Taking our own advice, I detailed my car and cleaned out my trunk (which I have not cleaned out in years) and found hats, gloves, and sweatshirts I have been missing forever. Use this time at home to do the things you have been putting off because you have been too busy, you'll thank yourself later. Since we have no idea how long this quarantine will last we gave many different options to occupy your day, and ease your boredom.

  • Reorganize your closet and room, get rid of old clothes, and go through those boxes you have not opened in years

  • Start a Poshmark account, make some money while you can

  • Play music and have a dance party

  • Movie marathon, here is a list of our favorites

  • Catch up on your sleep, this is an opportunity to nap.. DO IT

  • Go through your camera roll and delete old pointless pictures

  • Binge a lot of Netflix, we love watching tv.. I would call us professionals.. this list will get you through feeling bored

  • Phone an old friend or relative

  • Play board games/card games

  • Make Pinterest boards of your favorite things such as home decor, new recipes, outfit inspo, work outs (Julia's account, Sara's account)

  • Self care... do a face mask and make an at home spa

  • Read a book, its good for you.. these are some recommendations

  • Clean your makeup bag and brushes, trash old products

  • Look up some makeup looks you've been wanting to try and go for it

  • Cook and bake.. give a new recipe a try that's been featured on the blog

  • Catch up on the The 411

  • Home (online) workout, moving your body is so important so set some time aside to do it, these are the individuals we have been following for online workouts

  • Listen to a podcast... a blog post coming soon on all of our favorites

  • Go through and delete old emails

  • Journaling everyday, write down what you are grateful for every morning

  • Meditate/yoga (we mention our favs on the home workout post)

  • Deep clean/detail your car/trunk

  • Get outside for a walk/run, bring your pets they'll love it

  • Get creative - Paint, color, or DIY a fun new project

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy


Sara & Julia

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