Know Your Worth This Valentine’s Day

Why would you want advice about being single from two girls in relationships? Because if there is anything we have learned, it’s knowing you are worth it. So here we go, hear us out for all things we have learned over time...

Whether this is an ex or a friend, let go of people and things that don’t serve you. You do not need to feel guilty about removing people from your life. You are meant to outgrow people and things. That doesn’t mean these people are “bad” or that they were a waste of time, it just means that you’re growing, moving on to the next version of you, and making room for more opportunities. When knowing your worth, make sure you are in a relationship because you WANT to be, not because you NEED to be. People will treat you in any way you LET them treat you. One of the biggest things we have learned and are continuing to work on is to listen to understand and not just to respond. Be more intentional with your conversations and actions and try to be sure your intentions will match the impact. No matter how perfect you think your relationship is, everyone goes through shit and fights happen, but it's how you move past them or let go of that person. We both get in stupid fights with our significant other ALL the time. Social media plays a huge role in holding standards and putting pressure to feel the need to be in a relationship... there isn't a relationship that is perfect on social media, no relationship is. Especially not ours, but it’s about finding that someone who will love you for exactly who you are, will never try to change you and you feel it’s worth working for. So, whether you are single or in a relationship this Valentine's Day, remember to love yourself most!

With help from many special women in The 411 Community, we have created this post on knowing your worth.


Sara + Julia

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