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Updated: May 30, 2020

If you are wondering where we have been the last week and a half, the answer is finals. Spring semester finals were still a challenge, maybe even more so with the transition to online learning. You know that spring feeling when the sun is finally out and studying seems nearly impossible to do it? That was us this past week. In order to keep our grades up and pass our finals, we needed to take a short break from blogging and social media in general. Sometimes it is important to take a step back, take a few things off your to-do list, and really focus on what's important; during this time it was finishing off the semester. If we are being honest, sometimes taking a step back gives us more anxiety. The pressure of what we should be doing, seeing, and participating in gives us a terrible feeling, but this week we needed it. We cut back on workouts and tried to spend as much time away from the screen when we were not studying. We were getting terrible headaches from the constant screen time and we were not absorbing any of the study materials. Now with a week off of school, we feel refreshed and will use this time to do the things we love most. We are getting back into our routine and preparing for what's ahead. We think it's important to be as open as possible during this time where things still feel uncertain, and understanding that it is okay to take a step back when you feel overwhelmed is important, but now we are back and better than ever.

Julia Life Update - I just finished my junior year at The University of New Hampshire and cannot wait for senior year! I am taking a summer class that starts next week because with COVID-19, I am unable to predict when my internship would start. Taking the summer class for a month will ensure I graduate on time with two degrees (social work and recreation management and policy). For my recreation management and policy major at the University of New Hampshire, the internship requirement is a minimum of 10 weeks, working 40 hours per week, at a site we apply for. There was a lot of uncertainty around when things will be opening up and if I would be able to complete the internship for all 10 weeks, so this class will ensure I get credit. I am so excited that we still managed to figure something out and I will be interning with B/SPOKE studios this summer but for experience as opposed to academic credit. B/SPOKE has been so amazing and flexible with everything that has been going on! I cannot wait until I get to be in the studio with everyone and learning all about the community and business of B/SPOKE! I am also taking part in The LEVEL UP program, a wellness activation program at B/SPOKE with occurs over the next thirty days. With the current circumstance, I have thoughtfully put in my time to not only focus on school but to focus on bettering myself through self-care (which includes online shopping lol, wine, face masks, and reading) and checking in on friends and family.

Sara Life Update - I just finished my 2nd semester of nursing school which makes me halfway done with my accelerated nursing program. There are 4 semesters over the course of 16 months and I will graduate with my BSN and become an RN. Things have been very different for me since changing to an online platform since I can not be in the hospital at this time. Typically I would be in the hospital for regular 12-hour shifts but now clinical is moved online, so I am spending lots of extra time staring at my computer screen (insert blue light glasses here). If you are currently or have been through nursing school, you know finals week is no joke. I spent so many hours studying for pharmacology that time away from the screen was so necessary. BUT, with a less intense semester and a little more free time coming up, I can not wait for what's to come from the 411 in the next couple of months.

We have new things coming to the blog very soon including merchandise and so much more!! We hope everyone is staying happy and healthy and we can not wait until we are all reunited. We are thinking of all of you and can not thank you enough for the support!

Talk soon,


Sara and Julia

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