MASKNE: What is it and how to prevent it

Maskne... you have seen it on social media and have heard people talking about it. A lot of people are struggling with it right now including both of us. Maskne is acne caused from wearing a mask, especially on your chin and around your mouth. The "new normal" of what we are living in is requiring us to wear a mask all the time. During quarantine, we expected our skin to be the best it has ever looked; we have made time to do face masks, we are rarely wearing makeup, and we are taking the extra steps we would normally skip out on when we are busy. I recently went to Wax By Renata on Cape Cod for a facial; they are amazing. My skin is already doing 10x better and I highly recommend checking them out. The Wax By Renata team has come up with some steps to help us all:

  • Remove the mask when safe

  • Wash the area throughout the day and change out the mask

  • Use a toner throughout the day to balance skin pH

  • Avoid masks made with polyester

GO GET A FACIAL WITH THEM, I promise it is worth it. They will customize a facial that works for you and helps with the breakouts.



Steps we have been taking to help prevent and calm down our maskne:

  • Washing am and pm with a gentle cleaner

  • Be sure to not over wash as this will help your skin from being dry

  • Wearing a clean mask, whether it is changing out the reusable ones or washing the cotton ones

  • Moisturizers all the time!!

  • Exfoliate and then use a calming mask to help reduce redness and pain

  • NO MAKEUP under mask

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