Our Favorite Summer Spot - The Vineyard

This is what we look forward to most during the summer months. As along as we can remember, we have been taking the boat over and enjoying the sunshine with family and friends for our island getaway. Martha’s Vineyard is an escape from reality, especially during the times we are in now. We would love to hang out on the boat and order to-go food to support local businesses. Martha’s Vineyard has always been a special place in our hearts (hence why we named a sweatshirt after it). This blog post has been in the works all summer as we wanted to make sure we touched upon all our places we like to go. With summer coming to an end in the coming weeks, make sure you get to the Vineyard to explore island life. For anyone that has come with us, you know we leave at 10 o'clock on the dot (captain‘s rules), and we arrive right around 10:30 am which gives us a full day of things to do. We have mashed up a day in the life at Oaks Bluff highlighting our favorite spots to go to on the island.

We start our day by grabbing coffee and bagels/pastries from the Big Dipper. Here we get iced coffee or iced peach tea (*hint* order a large peach tea and save half to add lemon deep eddy to for later in the day... so good). Our breakfast sandwich order is typically anything with avocado on a bagel. If we are feeling something on the lighter side we will go to Nancy’s and get an açaí bowl but they stop selling them very early in the day so make sure you get there in time.

After breakfast we head down Circuit Ave and do a little shopping. Blush, Eastaway, and Slip 77 are the perfect little boutiques to up your summer wardrobe. They have a bunch of cute and trendy summer outfits that we love. Sanctuary is a cute little store for the perfect gifts and home decor that has sentimental meaning.

Martha's Vineyard has a ton of good bar hopping options and lunch spots including Coop de Ville, Nancy’s, and Fat Ronnies. "Coop" is our go to wing stop. Grab a bucket of the "Maryland" dry rub wings and it is the perfect lunch for you and your friends. Nancy's is always our go to for a good frozen dirty banana or mudslide. But, if you are feeling you need more than that, try their green tea shots and gummy bear shots which are our favorites. If you are not looking to drink, they also have a bunch of seafood/sushi options. Get the Nancy's roll- you won’t regret it. If you are craving a burger, Fat Ronnies is the pace to go. They have the best burgers, veggie burgers, and chicken fingers...highly recommend.

Dinner time on the Vineyard can be tough because there are so many options. Our top three are The Lookout Tavern, Jimmy Seas and Giadanos. We love The Lookout for a good fish taco. They have a ton of good seafood and drink options including our favorite drink "The Eddy". I don't even know where to start when talking about Jimmy Seas... this place is by far the most hidden gem on the Vineyard. This hole in the wall Italian restaurant has everything you could ever want and more. We dream about the "chicken hazel" all year but all of their options are delicious. Giadanos is the perfect pizza place if you are in a rush and are craving something greasy.

Most importantly.... dessert! After dinner we always have a sweet tooth. Another hidden gem that we adore is Back Door Donuts. This place truly is a must if you are looking for something sweet to wrap up your day. With some many options of donuts to choose from, your mouth will be watering. It opens at 7 o'clock at night and is open until the middle of the night. There is already a line by 6:45 pm. This is the perfect end to the day and every bite will make you want more....APPLE FRITTER *praying hands*!


Sara + Julia

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