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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Lately we have been listening to a lot of podcasts, whether it is when we are driving in the car for a long ride or cleaning our rooms these are perfect to listen to. With social distancing being on everyones mind, podcasts can be the perfect escape. When you are walking outside to get some fresh air, put your headphones in and put on one of our favorite podcasts! Find these podcasts on Spotify or the Podcast App by Apple!

Chicks In The Office - If you have not noticed from our posts we love Chicks in the Office. Fran and Ria discuss all pop culture events, celebrity gossip, and recap all of our favorite reality TV shows. They host guests for interviews weekly so we can get an inside scoop from some of our favorite celebrities (listen to their JoBros episode).

The Skinny Confidential - Another one of our favorite podcasts. No one keeps it more real than Lauren and Michael Bossick. They give you real advice about relationships, running your own business, branding, and everything in between. They are goals in every way.

RISE by Rachel Hollis - We have turned off podcast before because the persons voice is just not for us, but let me tell you.. Rachel Hollis has the most soothing voice to listen to and she's the author of "Girl Wash Your Face". She is awesome and has so much valuable information to share.

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe - One of favorites from bachelor nation host her own podcast. She recaps the bachelor with an inside view and provides hilarious insight and opinions. When she is not talking bachelor she is candidly chatting and discussing taboo topics with many different guests all while drinking some wine.

Bitch Bible - This podcast is the definition of #nofilter!! She says whatever comes to her mind and it's hilarious! If you need a good laugh, she's your girl.

The Morning Toast - Similarly to some of our other favorites. The Morning Toast kicks off your day recapping celebrity life. Keeps you up to date on the newest Kardashian drama while serving you endless entertainment.

Arm Chair Expert - Dax Shepard host this podcast where he dives deep into other people's stories. He allows guests to be vulnerable and real while he dives deeper into important topics. Don't worry though, there will be lots of laughs too.

MaddzTaddz: Beyond the Bike - This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves cycling, she is a spin instructor at Soul Cycle and her first episode is dedicated to her journey! She is also from Boston which is a plus!!

The Girl Guide Podcast - Another Boston native that we love!! She is providing girls with all the advice they need to gets them through the day! She talks college, girl topics and everything in-between. She also has guest appearances frequently!

So everyone... we are thinking about a "The 411" podcast in the future...Let us know what you think!

What's your favorite podcast to listen to?


Sara and Julia

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