Sara Marie MacRae's 22nd Birthday


Where do I even begin? I am so thankful we get to do this blog together and for all the adventures that come with it! Thanks for being my #rideordie! Your work ethic and determination is amazing… not many people can say they already have their bachelors and are working towards and accelerated nursing program degree at the age of 22. In honor of your birthday, I’ve made a list of words that describe why you are so awesome. If you see Sara today, wish her the best!!

  1. Great friend - you are the best, once again my RIDE OR DIE

  2. Hardworking - running a blog and in nursing school.. crazy

  3. Caring - always giving a helping hand 

  4. Stylish - TRENDY QUEEN

  5. Honest - telling me how it is when I need it 

  6. Easy going - always going with the flow 

  7. Funny - ...spring break 2019… 

  8. Driven - grinding out 4 blog posts in a day on top of school work 

  9. Passionate - taking pride in everything you do 

  10. Sympathetic - the perfect shoulder to cry on 

  11. Dependable - always there when I need you

  12. Energetic - go, go, go whether it is a workout out or our next shopping day

  13. Chatty - can talk for hours on end about pointless things together

  14. Ambitious - your drive to get work done 

  15. Motivated - getting sh*t done, can't wait to see what 2020 brings 

  16. Confident - whether it's wearing a new style or how you care for yourself 

  17. Loyal - having your people's back 

  18. Strong - no matter what is thrown at you, you handle it ‘

  19. Optimistic - no matter the situation you try and see the bright side 

  20. Courageous - starting something new with no fear- the blog

  21. Brave - not caring what people are going to think and just going for it… boss babe 

  22. YOU - the last word is “you” - you are awesome because you are yourself. No one can ever be Sara Marie MacRae. 

 I am a proud BFF, keep doing you!! Can't wait to see everything else you accomplish! Have a day, enjoy every second! You desrve it all and more. 

Happy 22nd Birthday Sara


- Julia

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