The 411 on Cocktail Dresses

I LOVE dressing up! Any excuse to put on a dress and some high heels, I’ll be there. With the holiday season coming up, there are so many parties and occasion that you can dress up for. Whether it be for a Greek life cocktail or a sports formal, you can always find the perfect dresses on these three sites: Revolve, Lit Boutique, and Lulus. 

Revolve (my favorite store ever!!) 

I love Revolve because they have everything you can think of. It is on the more expensive side but everything is such a great quality and it always comes so quick. If you are in a rush to get something and are willing to spend a little extra, this is the site for you. I wore the "Lovers and Friends" dress (#5) to the spring baseball formal last year and loved it.

Top Picks from Revolve

(pictured in order 1-5)

  1. NBD Gracey Dress in Red

  2. Superdown Rockie One Shoulder Dress in Navy

  3. Majorelle Apollo Dress in Ivory

  4. Michael Costello x REVOLVE Linden Mini Dress

  5. Lovers + Friends Alexander Dress (I wore this dress for the spring baseball formal last year)

Lit Boutique (love that I can go to the actual store) 

There is a Lit Boutique in Portsmouth, NH and Boston, MA. Going to UNH (University of New Hampshire), I find myself going here often, especially if I need something quick. Their dresses are up to date on trends and there aren't a lot of them in stock, so you know there most likely won't be someone else wearing the same dress as you. Lit Boutique is expensive but their cute styles are worth it if you are going to wear the dresses more than once. I recommend checking out a store if you are in the area!!

Top Picks from Lit Boutique 

(pictured in order 1-4)

  1. Jasmine Mini Dress in Royal

  2. Yasmine Mini Dress in Fuchsia

  3. Akio One Shoulder Leopard Mini Dress in Hunter Green

  4. Aaralyn Lace Dress in Black

Lulus (affordable, college budget friendly) 

Lulus is awesome because the options for dresses are endless. They carry tons of different brands. They ship relatively quickly and it's not one of those sketchy websites. It's very affordable which is always a plus!!

Top Picks From Lulus

(pictured in order 1-5)

  1. Awestruck Long Sleeve Cutout Bodycon Dress in Black

  2. Love and Luster Bodycon Dress in Silver

  3. Soltera One-Shoulder Bodycon Dress in Black

  4. Perfect Pick Bodycon Dress in Black

  5. Remarkable Lace Dress in White

Let us know what you think and tag us in your pictures!! 


- Julia

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