The 411 on The Bachelor - NIGHT 1

And it's back, the best reality show.. The Bachelor season 24! Pilot Peter wasn't our first choice to be the bachelor (Hi Tyler C), but we are so excited for this corny season with the true romantic. All of the girls are STUNNING!! Everyone loves a few windmill and plane jokes every now and then. Our Bachelor nights are spent with wine, cheese boards, and most importantly, our favorite girls. Below you will find who we thought was best dressed, best entrance, most hated, and our top 5s.

Episode Recap - Already lots of girl drama. Girls were already crying, talking sh*t, and getting jealous in the first 30 minutes. But the biggest moment of the first hour is Hannah B coming out of the limo. She came back to give him something that Peter gave her night one of her season. I am sure we will see lots of Hannah B drama in the future. A woman that brings lot of drama is Kelley. She met Peter at a hotel prior to The Bachelor filming. Peter was there for a reunion and she was there for a wedding.They hit it off but it does make a lot of girls in the house jealous and irritated with Kelley. On the group date she gets the rose which only adds to the jealousy. For the one and one, Peter picks Madison and this was such a sweet date. She got to meet Peter's whole family which is crazy for a first date but she killed it and got a rose. For the second group date.... it was with Hannah Brown. She told her windmill story to the group and they started awkward activities as the date card hinted to. Hannah B broke down and Peter flew (lol) to the rescue. Peter the questioned Hannah on coming onto his season, there is defiantly still a spark there. Hannah is struggling. It has been rough for her which all started with picking a shitty guy as her fiancé on her season. This whole situation is really messed up with Peter. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Anyways, this season is already pretty cringey but we LOVE IT!!

Best Dressed - this was based on our first impressions of the women when they stepped out of the limo

  • Sydney - elegant and sparkly dress, very flattering, perfect for night one and to make a statement.

  • Lauren - wow just love the jumpsuit look!! She killed it and I love that she went for a different look. With the first rose ceremony being over night into morning, you need to be comfy and a jumpsuit is perfect for that.

  • Madison - RED DRESSES for the WIN!! Madison looks stunning in her deep v neck fitted dress.

  • Tammy - at first I thought this looked like a wedding dress but throughout the night she look very elegant in this lace off the shoulder cream dress.

  • Hannah Ann - This was a fitted dress that looked stunning on Hannah Ann. It was very flattering on her.

Best Entrance - most unique way to get Peter's attention

  • Kelley - her and Peter have some history, so her entrance seemed less nerve-racking than the other women. They made up a handshake when they met at the hotel awhile back and they both still remembered it.

  • Hannah B - ..duh. Peter's face when she opened the door was enough. I think everyone's jaw dropped when she stepped out of the limo. Is the beast back for a third time??

  • Alayah - Petter is a family guy so when Alayah brought him a hand written note from her grandmother named Rose (which is also Peter's grandma's name), it really hit home.

  • Emotional support cow - behind the scene with the credits at the jokes.

Going to be Most Hated - this is solely based on how they interacted throughout the episode

  • Savannah - she walked out of the limo and started making out with Peter... enough said

  • Mykenna - lots of drama, tears, and fighting already. Looks like she will be the next Corinne or Olivia

  • Kelley - her history with Peter is going to bed an issue and she cheated on the first group date so that really didn't win the girls over

Julia's & Sara's Top 5

  1. Hannah Ann- If you are Hannah G's (from previous Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise) friend from home, you probably are going to make it far. But, besides that, they instantly hit it off and she got the first impression rose.

  2. Madison- Madison is a personal fave. She gets the first one on one date and already gets to meet his family and friends at his parent's vow renewal. Now, it's a definite she makes it far.

  3. Victoria P- Throwing this in there because we all need a good nurse in our lives ;). We love her story, and she seems the most genuine about finding love with Peter.

  4. Kelley - I mean I feel like this is an obvious one. Peter said it himself, "He hasn't stopped thinking about her" since they met ironically before the show was filmed.

  5. Victoria F - We know there has to be a villain on The Bachelor. Here is our villain of the season. Get ready for lots of tears, and drama!

Bachelor Winner Prediction

Madison - I am sure we are all thinking this but how could you not. Madison crushes the first one on one date. She meets his family, dances with his grandmother, and Peter is beaming with happiness. Did The Bachelor show us the winner already?!

See you next week for our next Bachelor recap!


Sara & Julia

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