The 411's Easiest Dessert

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen lots of stories of this dessert. This three-ingredient dessert is to die for!! It's o easy to make and you can make it as little as 10 minutes. This is a fan favorite when we bring this around.


  • Two loaves of pound cake (either buy a pre-made one from the bakery, frozen one, or make one from the box.) We use the frozen one, Sara Lee brand

  • Two cool whip containers, we used sugar-free

  • Two, four packs of your favorite pudding, we use sugar-free vanilla


Whatever you like!

- Our favorites to use are strawberries and blackberries

- We also love mini chocolate chips and crushed up heath bar

In a round deep bowl (with a cover), break up one of the pound cakes into chunks and layer the bottom. Next, add the pudding on top (one pack of four), then cover the pudding with cool whip. Repeat steps staring with the second poundcake. After adding the next four-pack of the pudding to the second layer, flatten the cool whip on top and add toppings of your choice! If you have the time, make it the morning of when you want to eat it and let it sit in the fridge so all of the goodies can soak into each other! That is all, super easy!!




If you try a recipe, don't forget to tag us @the.fouroneone !!

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