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Welcome, the creator of Sports Bras Only, Jillian Barnes!

Let us introduce you to the aesthetic queen and the brains behind Sports Bras Only, Jillian Barnes. Jillian is a lover of all things wellness and fitness. She has her own clothing line called Sports Bras Only (SBO) which is merchandise that you can style with anything. In this interview, we dive deep into the why and how it all started with Jillian and her brand Sports Bras Only. We will be running a giveaway with Jillian to offer one lucky individual some of our favorite stuff by both of our brands. Head over to our Instagram for the details on the giveaway. Below is an interview between THE 411 and the hustle queen Jillian.

What is Sports Bras Only?

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a personal trainer & group fitness coach (normally). I studied nutrition in college and have been in the wellness industry ever since. My strength lies in my creativity, so I try to integrate things like fashion and design into my everyday work through Instagram, SBO, and how I show up in the world.

What is the story behind Sports Bras Only? 

Sports Bras Only started as a female artist-only playlist on my Spotify (think Beyonce Lemonade vibes). From there, it evolved into a women-centered workout class that would've launched as a wellness event right before COVID hit. I started selling merch with the SBO mission statement on it and people were responding more to that than the workout class I launched via Zoom in April. I stopped doing the workout classes to focus on the merch part of SBO and it stuck. So long story short, we're now a styled wellness brand with messages you can wear to the gym, to brunch, to a bar..wherever you want.

How would you describe your products?

Athleisure with a message. We have sporty t-shirts, sweatshirts & hats you can style with anything.

Hustle/Work Grind 

You market a lot through your social media similar to us (your feed is stunning), where do you find your inspo for SBO? 

Thank you so much. I'm a big Pinterest person. I have a mood board for EVERYTHING. I also find inspiration through my favorite artists like The Weeknd, sometimes through sports (in a major basketball phase right now), and other times through powerful women like Emily Ratajkowski who aren't afraid to speak their mind or be different than everyone else.

What is the hardest part about using social media for your business? 

I don't LOVE being on my phone, so when it's busy, it's a lot on the retinas, haha.

What is your favorite part of working through social media?  

The inspiration and meeting people I otherwise wouldn't have had a chance to meet. S/O to all the girls I've met in is everyone so cool in Canada?! LOL.

Do you feel that there is pressure to create content constantly

Yes and no. I really believe you have control over how you respond to things like "the pressure to create" - you can choose to live at your own pace, or fall victim to "what you should be doing." Creativity happens when it happens.

Any advice for people looking to start their own business?

I don't even feel like I can give advice at this point because SBO is a baby...BUT just do it. Write down your vision or create a vision board. Ask yourself the question "what if this really worked?" and just start.

Where do you see your business going in the next 5-10 years?

I hope to collab with other fashion or athletic brands and/or be a part of a major online retailer like Revolve or Carbon 38. I would die to collab with a brand like Kith or PE Nation. I'm writing that here so it comes true.

What are your top 3 goals for 2020? 

Be consistent (post a lot, create a lot, keep creating connections). Keep doing things I'm afraid of (if it scares me- I'm doing it to grow). Aaand, hike at least 3x a month.

Healthy Lifestyle 

You post about your workouts, what is your favorite type of workout?

I love lifting weights. To be honest, I love everything, but if I could only do one workout for the rest of my would be lifting. I've also started boxing and I'm obsessed. It's so hard and mentally challenging, but it gets my stress under control (s/o to my trainer @jordan_couture_).

What is your favorite workout clothes brand? 

I love PE Nation and I've been super into Nike recently.

What does a day of eating look like for you? 

Every day is different. Lately, it's been a lot of sourdough bread. I usually have some sort of protein shake during the day and always coffee in the morning. I just try to get in fruits/veggies with every meal but it doesn't always happen...that's life.

What inspired/motivated your healthy lifestyle, and how do you stay motivated? 

It all started with a breakup...let's be honest. I started lifting weights in college and my body started to change and I had a butt for the first time...ever. If I don't work out, I know my anxiety will be triggered, my body will feel weak, and that will lead to feeling mentally weak. That might sound dramatic to someone that doesn't exercise, but being strong keeps my confidence in check. I also think about my future self..when I have kids one will I teach my kids a healthy lifestyle if I'm not living one? Lead by example.

Any tips for those looking to start a healthy lifestyle?

There is an OVERLOAD of information out there, especially with Instagram. If you have no idea where to start, the simplest way is usually the best way. Just start to move or start to incorporate more non-processed foods into your diet. Look for and invest in a fitness or nutrition professional to guide you. Do research because not everyone is as qualified as they let on.

Fun Q&A

Who is your fashion inspiration?

I love Emily Ratajkowski's style, especially when I'm getting dressed for a casual dinner or a day out. Hailey Bieber's stylist has the coolest outfits (so does Hailey). Her Instagram is @stylememaeve. I'm also really into Jenne Lombardo and the way she dresses super sporty and different.

What are your favorite makeup products?

 Hmm...Glossier Boy Brow and I love blush. Any blush to be honest. I love a sunkissed look.

What is your favorite account to follow on Instagram?

Wow, this one's hard. I recently came across Dirty Lemon's Instagram and obsessed is an understatement. I'm always down for @werenotreallystrangers - it forces you to be vulnerable and I'm not always good with that. I love an emotional challenge LOL.

What is your favorite podcast or music playlist?

Everything is The Best with Pia Baroncini - she's just so genuine and interviews the dopest people. And I'm in LOVE with Absolutely Not with Heather Mcmahan. She makes me laugh so much. The Skinny Confidential is also one of my favs.

What is one thing you could not live without? 

I hate myself for saying this..but my AirPods.

Website link -

Instagram - @bodybyjillian @sportsbrasonly

- Jillian Barnes

Creator of Sports Bras Only

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- Sara and Julia

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