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Welcome, The Founder of GOLD SOUL, Samantha Liang.

We met Samantha at workout class last summer. We are all B/SPOKE ambassadors and all share a love for health and wellness. Recently, Samantha has launched her own program called GOLD SOUL health. On top of running her own business to make an impact on women's lives, she also has another business where she makes custom dream catchers. Samantha advocates for clean beauty and a healthy lifestyle; our type of girl! Samantha is truly a ray of sunshine. Below is an interview between THE 411 and the hardworking BOSS BABE Samantha Liang.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Samantha, the founder of GOLD SOUL! I was born and raised right outside of Boston & always spent my summers on Cape Cod. I have been passionate about wellness for as long as I can remember. It has always been a dream to own my own business and to educate people in one way or another! I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I studied psychology and education. There, my best friend and I started a wellness page during our sophomore year called @purebody_puremind. We wanted to show other girls how you can still live a healthy lifestyle while in college! After school, I was working at a corporate office in Boston and realized that I needed to do something that was more fulfilling. I felt like something was missing. I knew I wanted to help and inspire people to lead healthier lifestyles, so I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

What's the background on Gold Soul Health?

  • I came up with the brand name GOLD SOUL Health in November of 2019. I had a list of business names in my notes on my phone forever; I wanted to find the perfect name. After months, it finally came to me... GOLD SOUL. It sounded perfect. It was two four-lettered words. It was aesthetically pleasing & resonated with me. I chose the color gold because of the meaning, and I just love it! It relates to achievement, abundance, success, learning, and the journey of personal development. I want this meaning to radiate throughout my business and my clients. 

  • GOLD SOUL Health is for girls who want to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve optimal wellness. Many people think that in order to attain a healthy lifestyle, you just need to eat vegetables, exercise, and drink water. However, wellness goes WAY beyond that. I will help you develop healthy habits that are sustainable and realistic. No fad diets, no juice cleanses, no quick fixes. These are lifestyle changes.

  • Through my 6 month program, I will provide you with personalized recommendations, lead bi-weekly 50-minute coaching sessions, take you on a supermarket tour, and so much more! Check out my website to schedule a free health consultation.

What inspired/motivated your healthy lifestyle?

I have been exposed to a healthy lifestyle for my whole life. I have been active since I was a child, and my mom always made healthy homemade meals for our family. I was an athlete since middle school and was introduced to group fitness when I was about 14. I saw how my mom was fit & healthy, and I wanted to follow her footsteps!

What is your biggest tip on starting a healthy lifestyle?

Pick 1 thing to incorporate into your routine at a time. Don’t try to perfect everything at once. It will only last for maybe a week and then you will fall back into your old habits. Instead, focus on one thing, like drinking more water or practicing mindfulness. Once you have mastered that, add something else in. Don’t overwhelm yourself!

What are your top 3 goals for 2020? 

  • To eat more plants over processed

  • To truly be present and stop thinking about the past or future

  • To become a fitness instructor & coach as many women as possible!

You also are B/Spoke ambassador, what is your favorite part of a spin class? 

I absolutely love the energy from the class. The vibe of the studio, the community, and the classes genuinely make me happy and want me to be the best version of myself! My favorite part about an actual class is the energy. I feel this vibration through my body when the beat drops & when the instructor screams and smiles. It’s unexplainable - you’ll have to come see for yourself :)

What is your favorite brand for workout clothes?

Spiritual Gangster & Lululemon!

You also have your own business, “Dreamy” - unique dream catchers. Can you explain what got you started making them?

My best friend and I were shopping on Nantucket, and she saw a dream catcher that she loved but it was super expensive. I decided to recreate it and give it to her as a gift for her new apartment! People loved it and orders were flying in, so I started a little side hustle.

Do you have any tips for people starting their own business? 

Take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt. Everyone is going to tell you that it’s too hard, or you won't make money. But if you have a good gut feeling and you know what you want - then go for it. Just be ready to put in work!

You work with a clean beauty brand, BeautyCounter, why do you believe clean beauty is important? 

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. What you put onto your skin is just as important as what you put into your mouth. The beauty industry is filled with toxins and chemicals. BeautyCounter bans over 1,800 chemicals! Their products are also insanely amazing - check out my website for my favorite products!

What is your favorite clean makeup product? 

BeautyCounter concealer pen - covers all my blemishes & dark spots! Match it with the tint skin foundation and you will be golden.

What is your favorite clean skincare product? 

Ugh, there are honestly too many. The BeautyCounter facial oils are my ride or die & the overnight resurfacing peel is truly my holy grail!

What do you do when you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

  • I really like to make lists. If I need to get a lot done in a day/week I will distribute all of my tasks based on importance and deadlines! Don’t expect yourself to get everything done at once, do things one at a time. 

  • I am also a big fan of nighttime routines. I love to light some candles, dim the lights, put a Beautycounter face mask on, journal, and listen to some music. With all of the hustle and bustle during the day, I need to make time for myself to unwind and relax!

All-time favorite quote?

Energy flows where attention goes.





- Samantha

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- Sara and Julia

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