TOP 10 Blog Posts of 2020

Reintroducing the most popular blog posts of the year! We are looking forward to the NEW YEAR filled with more interviews with influential people, morning routines, outfits ideas and all things merchandise. We love you all and we are forever grateful for the countless support this year. Cheers to the next one.

10. The Talk

Our two most popular were "The Talk with Samantha Liang" + "The Talk With Carly and Maddie Biron"

"We met Samantha at workout class last summer. We are all B/SPOKE ambassadors and all share a love for health and wellness. Recently, Samantha has launched her own program called GOLD SOUL health. On top of running her own business to make an impact on women's lives, she also has another business where she makes custom dream catchers. Samantha advocates for clean beauty and a healthy lifestyle; our type of girl! Samantha is truly a ray of sunshine. Below is an interview between THE 411 and the hardworking BOSS BABE Samantha Liang. "

"Carly and Maddie are both fitness instructors and have recently launched their own fitness program together. They are both striving to make every individual feel as strong and confident as they can be. Together they are a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. They are unbelievably talented in what they do and we are so excited for them as they have recently launched their new program, Built By Biron. Below you will find an interview between The 411 and the beautiful sisters, Carly and Maddie."

9. A Getaway to Aruba

"Back in November, Nick and I were trying to decide where we wanted to go for spring break. Both of us are Juniors at the University of New Hampshire and this year we would be celebrating our 6 year anniversary of dating. After a long discussion, making lots of pros and cons lists of a bunch of tropical places and recommendations from friends and families, we decided to book a trip to Aruba. We booked this trip on Black Friday which was probably the smartest decision of the whole trip because the resort was running a sale. We booked a 5 night, 6 day stay at the RIU Palace. The RIU owns the resort we stayed at and the resort next to us so we were able to go back and forth between each hotel using all the amenities. The hotel was also all-inclusive with lots of restaurants and bars. We took full advantage of this eating and drinking endless amounts. We left on Friday from Logan Airport, took a nonstop flight to Aruba, and we flew home on Wednesday. This was a trip of a lifetime. Here is a break down of our trip to Aruba"

8. The 411's Beauty Morning Routine

"We love to start our days off the same way every day. Routines are so important for productivity. Our morning routines help us set the tone for the day. We use this time to wake up, plan, and get ready to take on the day. Mornings are hard for a lot of people but forming a routine allows it to become second nature. We follow a very similar morning skin care routine that we have shared to help you formulate your morning routine!"

7. Life Update

"If you are wondering where we have been the last week and a half, the answer is finals. Spring semester finals were still a challenge, maybe even more so with the transition to online learning. You know that spring feeling when the sun is finally out and studying seems nearly impossible to do it? That was us this past week. In order to keep our grades up and pass our finals, we needed to take a short break from blogging and social media in general. Sometimes it is important to take a step back, take a few things off your to-do list, and really focus on what's important; during this time it was finishing off the semester. If we are being honest, sometimes taking a step back gives us more anxiety. The pressure of what we should be doing, seeing, and participating in gives us a terrible feeling, but this week we needed it. We cut back on workouts and tried to spend as much time away from the screen when we were not studying. We were getting terrible headaches from the constant screen time and we were not absorbing any of the study materials. Now with a week off of school, we feel refreshed and will use this time to do the things we love most. We are getting back into our routine and preparing for what's ahead. We think it's important to be as open as possible during this time where things still feel uncertain, and understanding that it is okay to take a step back when you feel overwhelmed is important, but now we are back and better than ever."

6. Valentine's Day Gift Guide

"February 14th is all about a day of love. It can be so hard to figure out what to get your significant other. Most of the time we just go out to dinner at a restaurant that is "fancier" then our normal date night. Sometimes the best gifts are the handwritten cards with a bag of their favorite candy. Some chocolate covered strawberries are always a big hit too. You can never go wrong with roses or their favorite flowers. A picture of you and your significant other is always something special to give. Valentine's Day is suppose to be cheesy, so buy the giant teddy bear and the heart shaped chocolate, because they will love it. Below are some other ideas that differ from the normal Valentine's Day gifts."

5. Valentine's Day Date Night Outfits

"Whether you are staying in and watching movie, making dinner, or going to a fancy restaurant, we have all the options. Lots of pinks and reds which are so cute with jeans or leather pants. Dress up or dress down with our look-book below. Spend time with that special someone and look good doing it."

4. Julia's 21st Birthday

"In honor of your big day, we have all come together to write today's blog post and give you the biggest virtual card ever. We decided to share our favorite memories and pictures to celebrate your day. We love you!! If you see Julia today, make sure to wish her a happy birthday!!"

3. The 411 Merchandise Drop #2

"After lots of research we have found a new dye that we believe will help us produce the best possible outcome of color and design. We are always looking to improve our products so we have upgraded to a different brand which will ensure every lasting color. Here is everything you need to know about the second launch of merchandise! We are so thankful for the love and support we have received since our first launch. Check out the Q&A below for all things 411 merchandise related."

2. Comfy Cozy at Home Outfits

"Everyone is spending a lot of time at home right now with everything going on in the world! While you're at home watching movies, doing school, or organizing your room be comfy while you're doing it! We have linked a few of our go-tos to be cozy at home but still look cute at the same time! "


Here is everything you need to know about the merchandise that will be launching soon! We are so excited for you all to see the finished product and finally get your own. We are so thankful for the love and support we have received over the past few weeks while introducing our new merchandise. Check out the Q&A below for all things 411 merchandise related.

Our favorite blog post of the year is Advice to Your Young Adult Self ......

"Life can be tough, especially at an age where you feel you should have it all figured out. As a young adult, you are trying to navigate your future and are most likely hitting obstacles as you do so (WHICH IS NORMAL). This is a time where you are constantly keeping up with your appearance and looks, trying to navigate relationships, figuring out what could fulfill your life in work/school, and trying to know what is next; it can definitely be hard and overwhelming. With help from many special women in The 411 Community, we have compiled a list of the 411 on all things tips and tricks for people across all ages and space, even if it was something you wish you knew in your twenties."


Sara + Julia

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