Transitioning to Online Learning/Working From Home

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The world is a little crazy right now; everyone is transitioning into a new lifestyle and it can be hard. Whether you are a student trying to figure out online classes or your company has now moved you to work from home, it's going to be different than normal. Below is a few ways we have made the transition a little easier for ourselves and we hope these help you too!

  • Necessities for having a productive workday at home include: a large cup of ice coffee (we usually make black or with a splash of almond milk), wear our blue light glasses, have comfy clothes on, and have a big glass of water. Also, order your favorite pens online so you can have them to write notes in your notebook. You are going to be sitting down all day staring at a computer screen so blue light glasses and comfy clothes are a must.

  • To be productive, you should set up a workspace that is quiet, organized, and by a window. Having natural light will make you feel less tired and more apt to do work. Make sure it is quiet so you do not get distracted while watching lectures online.

  • Either the night before or when you wake up in the morning, it is extremely important to make a schedule for your day. This will give you the ability to get stuff done and stay on top of your work and use your time wisely. Also, try to fit in time for exercise and a walk outside to clear your head; breaks are going to get you through sitting down at a computer all day.

  • We know all you want to do is stay in your PJs, and so do we, but we are going to try and put on normal clothes once a week and maybe put some makeup on; look good...feel good.

  • Do not waste your whole day sleeping. Set your alarm and get up in the morning and try to create a routine. Make a schedule with regular hours to get work done.

  • Most importantly, hold yourself accountable and stay on top of everything. We will get through this.

Stay Safe and Healthy!


Sara and Julia

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